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Date   Background
22-OCT-2003 : A listener wants to hear Radiohead and AC/DC. Helmut suggests some German artists
03-OCT-2003 : Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor of California
23-SEP-2003 : David Blaine... Glass Box... stick Boggy in one over the railway line.
22-SEP-2003 : Terry is off on holiday... for a much needed rest.
10-SEP-2003 : Scotland 1 Germany 2... oh dear
21-MAY-2003 : Why is Citizen Smith's mother in Eastenders?
20-MAY-2003 : It's that time of year again... Eurovision... The Polish entry is GERMAN!!!
07-MAY-2003 : Another week, another rumour. Jonathon Ross is taking over the show?
29-APR-2003 : Terry is held up in traffic
23-APR-2003 : Deadly has cold and someone has cheated on "Who Want's to be a Millionaire?"... coincidence?
17-APR-2003 : Trying to book return flight to Scotland
25-MAR-2003 : Doctor Pauly has dental problems
21-MAR-2003 : The Hubcaps get dumped out of Europe by a German side
17-MAR-2003 : Coronation Street? Richard Hillman? Water End? Remember? ... no neither do we.
04-MAR-2003 : Alarming similarities between Gareth Gates' mother and TBW
24-FEB-2003 : Coronation Street... an observation
21-FEB-2003 : English Acronyms are just not funny
19-FEB-2003 : Congestion Charge hits London
13-FEB-2003 : England 1 Australia 3.... and at FOOTBALL
12-FEB-2003 : It's the "Rough Guide to..." The M4???
11-FEB-2003 : A complaint. Fran Godfrey's voice causes a vibration in the left speaker of Helmut's new car.
10-FEB-2003 : A statement from the German Cricket Board
07-FEB-2003 : It's the "Rough Guide to..." WEALDSTONE???