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Date   Background
19-DEC-2001 : 12 Days of Christmas. Teutonic style.
14-NOV-2001 : We think the Germans beat Ukraine in a World Cup playoff
31-OCT-2001 : Don't you just love Halloween and those "Trick or Treater's"? Helmut is more than generous, although we don't think the local children appreciate fine German cuisine. 
25-OCT-2001 : Helmut has had a little brush with the law. Translation madness...
26-SEP-2001 : Learn Deutshe with Helmut. Eastenders style.
13-SEP-2001 : With all these new BBC Digital channels springing up, where is the German content!!!!!
10-SEP-2001 : Post TOG Convention (Swansea 2001) denial
02-SEP-2001 : ONE - FIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
15-AUG-2001 : In two weeks England go to Munich to play Germany in a crucial World Cup Qualifier....
27-JUN-2001 : Being Veggie, Helmut is appalled at all this eating of exotic meats encouraged on WUTW....
14-JUN-2001 : Pauly's birthday. What do you get the producer who has everything?
12-JUN-2001 : "Big Brother 2" has started, although our friend has confused it with "The Great Escape"
23-MAY-2001 : Boggy has been on holidays to Austria. There have been complaints. Jurgen Bergspatzerhin writes.
23-MAY-2001 : We think the Germans have won the football (again).
20-MAY-2001 : Election time. We are in for 4 weeks of sheer tedium. TOG policies...German Style
16-MAY-2001 : Some very bad jokes. Bemuddlement thinks Helmut has been watching too much "The Comedians" on Granada Plus.
10-MAY-2001 : Fran has been feeling all "spinsterish" (again). Helmut will kindly wine and dine in german style...including an evening of superior video entertainment (German Football videos).
01-MAY-2001 : The National Stadium has run out of money. But wait....why not do a conversion job on Boggy's Shed
29-APR-2001 : Helmut just doesn't get Cockney  Rhyming Slang
19-APR-2001 : Another woefully poor Beckham joke
27-FEB-2001 : Another year, another set of BAFTAs, but wait Helmut claims all the ideas appeared in German Cinema first
31-JAN-2001 : Some listeners have been complaining about the amount of German being spoken on WUTW. Stereotypical?   Never!