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Date   Background
21-DEC-2000 : Christmas. British television....need we say more???
19-DEC-2000 : Fran has a secret admirer...with an initial J...Helmut's on the case
06-DEC-2000 : Today Radio Zwei, Tomorrow Das Weld!!!
28-NOV-2000 : OK! Its been a bad year for German Sport...time for Shin-kicking
01-NOV-2000 : "The Weakest Link" debuts on our screens. helmut has fallen in love....with the charm of Anne Robinson.
26-SEP-2000 : Hang on, the British Olympic team are doing better than the Germans. More Germanic sports are required...
14-SEP-2000 : Fuel blockades are biting quick. Helmut doesn't care...his care is full of Austrian wine
03-SEP-2000 : England get beat in France and everyone is jumping for joy. Helmut puts things in perspective
20-AUG-2000 : A Posh and Becks Joke Pt2
10-AUG-2000 : A Posh and Becks Joke.
06-JUL-2000 : Guess what? Germany get the 2006 World Cup, thanks to a dodgy delegate from New Zealand.
05-JUL-2000 : It's time to decide who hosts the 2006 World Cup. What chance to England have of beating the Germans????
28-JUN-2000 : A Euro 2000 England have been knocked out
20-JUN-2000 : Germany are doing so badly in Euro 2000, there is only one up English Football Hooligans
11-JUN-2000 : Euro 2000. Helmut fears the worse...he has his excuses already.
15-MAY-2000 : For once Germany finish ahead of the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest.
04-MAY-2000 : Diana Copeland stars in Eastenders....hang on she was Sid James wife in "Bless this House" she on the warpath with Barbara Windsor???
03-APR-2000 : "Dumb Britain"...OK so who was the Captain of the Titantic
02-APR-2000 : Is "Who Want's to be a Millionaire" EEC compliant???
22-FEB-2002 : Spring is in the air. A poem for Our Fran!!
16-FEB-2000 : He's finally admitted it....the German Football team may have passed it's sell by date...
24-JAN-2000 : Who would you like to give a 'good slap' to? Superior Deutsche Suggestions.