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Helmut Sprechen Rough Translation
Der Stimme auf dem Balls "The Voice of the Balls" Mr Alan Dedicoat
Die Schonste Fraulein Godfrey The gorgeous Fran Godfrey....who has managed to resist Helmut's obvious Teutonic charms.
Doktor Pauly Dr Wally Poultry, Genius Paul Walters
Lilo Wanders When Helmut first came to the UK (or Grosser Western Deutschland as he prefers) his only access to his homeland was via a rusty old Analogue Murdock $ky-dish. On a German station called VOX was Lilo Wanders, a presenter of a late night television programme "Wa(h)re Leibe" of dubious content and indeterminate gender
Professor Zwei-sheds John "Two-sheds" Marsh. Helmut admires this genius, hence the 'professor' tag.
Togmeister His Lordship Michael Terrance Wogan