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Paul Walters

15th June 1947 - 21st October 2006

On the 21st October 2006, we here at Bemuddlement received some very sad news. A man who helped inspire much of the content of this part of the website and helped give me the incentive to explore other areas of writing, sadly passed away after a long battle with illness, at a far too young an age of 59.

As many of you know, Paul Walters was the producer of the weekday breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 "Wake Up To Wogan", hosted by Sir Terry Wogan. I have been writing to the show, in various guises, since 1997, most infamously as Helmut Wirklichnahmen, a "German" character that writes into the show in best "Schoolboy Deutsche Grammar".

Since that day in 1998 when I first heard Terry read out "Guten Morgan Herr Togmeister", my life started to change in many ways and none of that would've happened but for the fact that Paul Walters decided that my Germanic ramblings were worthy of inclusion in the show he produced.

Although Paul often claimed "I only print them!", all of us TOGS (Terry's Old Geysers and Gals) appreciated the supreme skill that he exhibited in creating that perfect balance of music and  bewildered humour. A concoction that was then superbly executed by Sir Terry. Paul seemed to know exactly what would work and what wouldn't. Paul was part of the team that managed to co-engineer something very unique in British radio and a phenenomia that is unlikely to be repeated. 

It is strange, how someone whom has touched your life in the briefest of fashions, can have so dramatically, altered the course of that life. That is what Paul did for me, by just being himself and just doing his job. Paul will never be forgotten by this budding writer.

I count myself lucky to have met the man in 2002, at a TOG convention in Reading, UK. It was an honour to shake his hand and say "Thank You!"

As Helmut would probably say:

"Danke Schone, Doktor Pauly, fur alles spass und lange muss sie essen Buzzard Balls und trinken gross Liebfraumilch.und sprechen "Prost"..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"



Paul Walters final days were spent in the care of The Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted. Paul requested that in in lieu of flowers for his funeral,  donations be sent to the Hospice, to support the great work they do. If you would like to celebrate Paul's life and make a donation please send a contribution (or cheque) to

Hospice of St Francis
20 Kings Road

or alternatively you can make a donation through

(Donít forget that, if you are a tax payer in the UK, by giving through Gift Aid you can allow the Hospice to boost your donation by about 28%.