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What Brings People Here?? 

February 2004


#1 (4) katarina witt
#2 (2) henry mcgee
#3 (5) kay burley
#4 (1) thai yellow curry
#5 (-) cardboard box
#6 (2) black wonderful life
#7 (-) abandoned car
#8 (-) digby the biggest dog in the world
#9 (-) benny hill clips
#10 (-) fran godfrey



#1 This month, nummer eins Eis Madchen Katarina Witt, ecstatic at reaching the BM prime top spot and Benny Hill (as Fred Scuttle), how curious they feature in this months BM Top ten

LOOK!! The deal was "Katarina... send us a picture of yourself in Lederhosen and the #1 spot is yours". Unfortunately, during February, it seems many of you were drawn to this eclectic, collective corner of the internet, inspired by the festivities in Budapest for the 2004 European Figure Skating Championships. We expect more Katarina Madness for the World Championships in Dortmund (March 22-28). This has completely scuttled Bemuddlement's only bargaining position. So how ironic that Fred Scuttle (aka Benny Hill) made the number 9 slot this month, in the form of Benny Hill clips.





A great month for new and re-entries. It seems many of you wishing to find pictures of abandoned cars, were drawn to the site in the hope of finding a rejected, damaged automobile, only to find a superb executive property over in BM Estates. One Bemuddlement fan wrote and requested

"I have a keen interest in acquiring a abandoned car as either a second home or a 'but-to-let' basis. I see you have many such desirable properties in your Real Estate section and wondered if you have anything in Cheswick area?"


Fully Air Conditioned and in a much sought after area. A fully detatched 3 bedroom abandoned car... yesterday. Note recent installation of fireplace.



Human and Machine at one. Nerys Hughes collecting the #10 February 2004 certificate for Fran Godfrey, outside the BM Office... yesterday
Once again the lovely Fran Godfrey makes the BM Top Ten (sneaking in at number 10) and  once again, Ms Godfrey was unavailable to collect her certificate for the February chart. Who can suggest a better representative to pick up the award, than fellow Welsh/Belgium icon, Nerys Hughes. Reliving her role as "The District Nurse" Ms Hughes rushed round to the BM Office on her bicycle and was alledgedly quoted as saying

"Champion! Eeee it's an honour t'pick up said 'tificate for the half-welsh, half-Flemish news songtress..."

Before we could say "Polly James" Ms Hughes sped off into the afternoon, certificate in hand whistling the theme from the "Liver Birds". Who knows, she may well have an award of own one day.


Up two places to number three, but still not good enough to make the #1 slot, Bemuddlement's very own "Schrodinger's Cat", Kay Burley, still has stiff competition from Henry McGee and Katarina Witt for that much coveted BM #1 slot. 

Seeing as it was the European Ice Skating Championships that brought all the Katarina fans here and the continual fascination of Bemuddlement fan base with Henry McGee (however noble)  , it seems the only way KB can make number one slot will be when the forthcoming "Sky News Tribute to Benny Hill (on Ice)", at the Empire Pool Wembley, goes into full production next month. 

Keep pressing the red button.

Not Impressed, Kay Burley (between rehersals)  allegedly, hearing the news that she is only at #3 in the BM Top ten for February