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What Brings People Here?? 

December 2003

#1 (1) thai yellow curry
#2 (4) henry mcgee 
#3 (5) black wonderful life 
#4 (-) naan calories 
#5 (-) froliche weinachten 
#6 (2) mushroom stroganoff
#7 (8) kay burley 
#8 (7) fran godfrey
#9 (-) diana copeland
#10 (-) mona lisa



Thal Yellow Curry in festive mood, celebrating Christmas  with four close friends. Apologies for the "Menage Troi" those Pancake Rolls seem to be enjoying. 
So the big question last month was "Who will be the Christmas Bemuddlement #1?" Would Henry "Two Ton Ted From Teddington" McGee steal #1, after a festive showing of "Ernie (the fastest milkman in the West)"?  Would Bemuddlement's very own local music hero "Kolin Twang" make a reappearance (although a storming climb to #3 was observed). Will Katarina Witt ever send in that much promised photo of herself in Leiderhosen? Would Bemuddlement's dreams all come true and see the Queen of Sky News, Kay Burley, take the hallowed #1 spot?

Well you have waited long enough. The answer was "Thai Yellow Curry", consolidating it's #1 position for another month. TYC sent in this lovely picture of how it spent it's Christmas. I think you'll agree it's a heart warming scene. 



"Frohliche Weinachten" lots of you typed into your Google browser during December and why not being the traditional seasonal greeting for our Teutonic Cousins. More puzzling are the new entries for "Naan Calories" and "Mona Lisa". Could all three be related we wonder? So we asked resident Bemuddled German Helmut Wirklichnahmen to interpret the Mona Lisa, whilst eating a diet of Peshwari Naan, over the Christmas holiday period. The results were somewhat disappointing....

An amazing tribute to the "La Gioconda" by resident Naan eating German, Helmut Wirklichnahmen.



Hail the genius that is Fred Dibnah. A smile, a laugh and a steam engine
Disappointment in the Fran Godfrey camp this month, as Radio Two's very own award winning voice, dropped one place to #8 and is being placed under heavy pressure by Diana Copeland. Ms Godfrey felt unable to attend the December award ceremony and when we contacted Ms Copeland,  the co-star of 1970's supremo Sit-com "Bless This House", informed us that she has been slightly miffed with the Bemuddlement office since May 2000, when Herr Wirklichnahmen's hilarious e-mail spelt her name wrong, Apologies Ms Coupland. 

So the double disappointment was a huge blow. Who would step in and collect the awards on behalf of the two Bemuddled recipients? Enter Welsh chimney sweep and light enginnering maestro Fred Dibnah who allegedly said...

"There's lovely, you know, I shall be on my Steam Engine and delivering these fine awards before you can say 'Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch' Boyo..."

That's easy for you to say Fred.


Well many tipped her for the Christmas #1, hoping a for a late flourish of search engine hits over the Christmas period, as the nation closed down on 19-DEC, put it's feet up, flicked through the channels on their Sky Digital set top boxes and found themselves desperate to know more about Queen B . Unfortunately it was not to be, as The Bemuddlement Top Ten's very own Schrodinger's Cat climbed only one place from her November position. The Bemuddlement office blames a spate of last minute shopping and a clash of the afternoon news slot with the Four Hills Ski Jumping on Eurosport. One long term fan wrote

"How disappointed was I, when I noticed that the climatic jump from Bischofshofen clashed in the schedules with the mid-afternoon news slot on Sky News. I feel this deterred many casual viewers from watching the bulletins and severely affected the Christmas chart position of Ms Burley..."


Shocked! Kay Burley on being told that she is clashing with the Ski Jumping from Bischofshofen.