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What Brings People Here?? 

November 2003


#1 (1) thai yellow curry
#2 (3) mushroom stroganoff
#3 (4) yellow curry
#4 (2) henry mcgee
#5 (-) zupruder
#6 (5) black wonderful life
#7 (8) fran godfrey
#8 (7) kay burley
#9 (-) carry on emmanuelle
#10 (10) charlie drake



The 40th anniversary of the Assaination of John F Kennedy on the 22 November 2003, brought flocks of people looking for the Zupruder footage and information on that classic Saxon track "Dallas 1pm" and what other website can provide such information on both topics and in unison. Look no further than our very own "Saxon Letters"

So it's a big Bemuddlement welcome to "Zupruder" this month and we here at Bemuddlement are proud to publish this never before seen still.

Saxon lead singer, Biff Biford was unavailable for comment.


Allegedly,  frame 117 of the Zupruder film, clearly showing a collection of lovely sticky cakes, iced buns and lashings hot of tea. Note the "magic milk jug" clearly in the bottom left of the shot.



Ted Rodgers, pleased to be accepting the #7 certificate this month for our very own "Queen of Hearts"
And another great month for Radio 2's very own Fran Godfrey, up one place to #7 this month. Once again Ms Godfrey was unavailable to pick up her certificate this month, so it was upto 1980's game show supremo Ted Rogers, to come along and collect the hallowed piece of paper on her behalf... Dusty Bin was not in tow.


The decline of Bemuddlement's very own Schrondinger's Cat (so named, as 'Queen of Sky News' Kay Burley, only appears on these pages) is a worrying trend in the Bemuddlement Top Ten, which has it's top three positions dominated by vegetarian food stuffs.

A long time Bemuddlement fan did point out an alarming similarity between Queen B and the character in the Star Trek episode "The Corbomite Maneuver". A photographic comparison was supplied, which we here at the BM office (big fans of the Red Button) quickly incinerated.




Beaten by a plate of mushroom stroganoff.

Kay Burley, alledgedly miffed at dropping another place to #8 this month.


Who will be the Bemuddlement Xmas #1? Stay tuned for next months Top ten....