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What Brings People Here?? 

October 2003


#1 (1) thai yellow curry
#2 (2) henry mcgee
#3 (3) mushroom stroganoff
#4 (-) yellow curry
#5 (4) black wonderful life
#6 (-) benny hill clips
#7 (7) kay burley
#8 (-) fran godfrey
#9 (5) ciabatta bread
#10 (-) charlie drake


We think it was Geddy Lee who once said "Plus ca Change, Plus ce le mem Chose" and it certainly is the case in this month's Bemuddlement Top Ten, with the top three remaining firmly in place and the lovely Kay Burley remaining fixed at #7. Mind you he did also say "We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx...", so we here at Bemuddlement shall not be quoting too much from the book of the world's greatest bass player to have walked the planet.

Kolin Twang drops one place to #5, after months of domination of the BM Top Ten, it appears Herr Twang has relinquished his grip on the chart, to be replaced by a lovely plate of "Thai Yellow Curry". 


Geddy Lee, allegedly,  providing philosophical judgement on the Bemuddlement Top Ten... yesterday... note lack of Rickenbacker 4001.



Lead singer of "Simply Red", Charlie Drake... yesterday... avoiding the huge throng that gathered outside the Bemuddlement office on hearing of his chart  re-entrance
Big Bemuddlement re-welcomes to Charlie Drake, who makes a reappearance to the Bemuddlement Top Ten this month. Mr Drake was allegedly thrilled to hear the news and traveled from his recording studio in a small Manchurian basement in West London, to the Bemuddlement office, to collect his #10 certificate. Bemuddlement can report that the certificate will sit, with pride, in his study; alongside his gold disc of "Sultans of Swing" and signed photo of "Mixed Blessings" star Christopher Blake  


And at #8 this month we welcome back Fran "Die Schonste Fraulein" Godfrey. Unfortunately the lovely Ms Godfrey cannot be with us this evening, so please welcome Richard Davies, who has kindly agreed to accept the award this month, on behalf of Radio 2's number one news, weather and traffic bird. Richard was allegedly quoted as saying

"Eeeeee, it's right champion that Fran is at #8 this month, I shall be celebrating by tossing another whippet on the fire and having t'nother slice o haggis"



For a Welshman, it's a long way from Cardiff, but Richard Davies from Taff Acre has traveled all the way to the Bemuddlement office (avoiding the huge crowds hoping to catch a glimpse of Charlie Drake) to  graciously accepting the #8 position this month on behalf of the wonderful Fran Godfrey



Queen of Sky News, Kay Burley, frustrated... yesterday.
What does a girl have to do to get to number one in the Bemuddlement Top Ten? (Well, as Katarina Witt discovered, a signed picture of one's self, in  lederhosen, with suitable loving inscription  goes down quite well).

A frustrating month for Kay, still stuck at number 7, stuck between Benny Hill and Fran Godfrey, especially unpleasant since Mr Hill has been dead since 1992.

C'mon Bemuddlement Fans... keep hitting the red button.