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What Brings People Here?? 

September 2003


#1 (2) thai yellow curry
#2 (3) henry mcgee
#3 (5) mushroom stroganoff
#4 (4) black wonderful life
#5 (-) ciabatta bread
#6 (-) vegetable lasagne
#7 (6) kay burley
#8 (-) genesis seconds out
#9 (-) gary numan - telekon
#10 (-) iron maiden letters




"Come with me and together we will rule the Bemuddlement Top Ten..." Gary Numan (Master of Darkness) allegedly issuing his threat to Kolin Twang... yesterday

It's "Debutant City" for this months Bemuddlement Top Ten, not only do we have a lovely loaf of Ciabatta Bread at number 5, but we have the Iron Maiden Letters and Gary Numan's epic "Telekon" clocking in at numbers 10 and nine respectively.

Those of you lucky enough to experience the "Nuremberg Rally" experience that is a Gary Numan concert, will appreciate the Italian connection, that the Bemuddlement chart brings to you this (as most months), with such tasty dishes as Vegetable Lasagne (number 6). Lets just hope Gary doesn't end up, strung from a lamppost with his Light Saber impaled on his Sphincter.

For further Numanoid info, read Mark Tallons in depth review of Telekon.


LOOK! What is it with you Bemuddled peeps eh? Queen of Sky News (Kay Burley) has dropped one more place this month to number 7 and beaten by a loaf of Ciabatta Bread and a dish of Vegetable Lasagne.  

It's at this point we would like to remind any participant in the Bemuddlement Top Ten, that a signed photo of yourself in Lederhosen, expressing undying gratitude for inclusion in the Top Ten, will secure a number one spot.


"Look... you guys either you start voting for me in the Bemuddlement Top Ten, or you will pay... big time"... Kay Burley, allegedly in aggresive mood... yesterday.


And HURRAH! Bemuddlement's very own local folk hero Henry McGee, claims his highest chart position this month at #2. The Bemuddlement Office was in complete rapture and celebrated by watching the "Star Commandos" episode of "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" on continual rotation and existing mainly on a diet of Sugar Puffs.

"Star Commando" (Henry McGee), a familar face in the Bemuddlement office this month


Kolin Twang (aka 80's songster "Black") is not having such a "Wonderful Life" this month, staying at #4 in the BM charts. His "Sweetest Smile" has long since left "Paradise", which has left him feeling "Blue". Just when everything looked to be "Coming Up Roses" it seems visitors to the website have just "Grew Tired". 


Kolin Twang, miffed at staying at #4 this month.