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What Brings People Here?? 

August  2003


    Last Month  
#1 (-) BM Estates
#2 (3) thai yellow curry
#3 (2) henry mcgee
#4 (1) black wonderful life
#5 (6) mushroom stroganoff
#6 (5) kay burley
#7 (10) deutsche madchen
#8 (-) how daddy is doing
#9 (-) hattie jaques
#10 (-) raymond baxter



Yours for only 320,000, how can you resist?. A fully modernised 2 bed detatched property... yesterday

Another top month for Bemuddlement's own private property enterprise, BM Estates. A whacking 5000 Bemuddled surfers made their way to the internets premier site during 3 days in August, making "BM Estates" number one Bemuddlement Attraction once more. We spoke to one of the exclusive properties for sale a rather desirable "2 bedroom Detached Abandoned Car" (still available at an incredible knockdown price of 320,000), for it's views

"All of the properties on BM Estates, would like to thank various sad individuals who feel the need to post links to the site on numerous property and financial bulletin boards, throughout the length and breadth of this great nation. This award doesn't belong solely to us, it belongs to you" 


If we asked you "How Daddy Is Doing?" what would your answer be?

  • He's downstairs fixing the kitchen lock
  • Actually he died yesterday and I'm very upset about it
  • Quite badly since the incident near Chiswick

However if you asked Steve Martin, he will tell "he will know what to do, when he unscambles".

Big Bemuddlement welcome to the Highway sign from "L.A Story" , straight in at #8 this month

Sing Do Wah Diddy... you fool. Go grab the girl with the large brass Tuba. L.A Highway traffic sign, giving Steve Martin life coaching... yesterday


Well there aren't many places you will find Hattie Jacques and Raymond Baxter in the same place, but those of you who seek such a wondrous combination, have come flocking to Bemuddlement during August, bursting into the charts at numbers 9 and 10 respectively. Unfortunately Hattie can't be with us tonight due to death, but we allegedly asked Raymond for a few words, who allegedly stated

"Such marvelous news to be number 10 in this months chart.. I haven't been this excited since I was flying my Hurricane over parts of Northern Europe and a V2 took off right in front of me...."

Hattie and Raymond, enjoying Bemuddlement success by having a nice cup of tea with a budgerigar and extolling  the virtues of string... not yesterday


Well we here at Bemuddlement are well miffed. Queen of Sky News, Kay Burley, has dropped one place to number 6, despite our interactive remote control vote (just press the red button) last month and constant Schrodinger's Cat campaigns to make the gorgeous Kay a permanent fixture of the Bemuddlement Top Ten... do you really want Superior Deutsche Madchen clad in 1930's gym kit here every month. get Googling. 

And look.. a whole chart report without mentioning Kolin Twang...."DOH!!!"

Dare you provoke the wrath of Sky News's very own Royalty.. Kay Burley.. looking stern at being told she is one place down this month...