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What Brings People Here?? 

June  2003

    Last Month  
#1 (-) BM Estates
#2 (1) black wonderful life
#3 (3) henry mcgee
#4 (2) thai yellow curry
#5 (8) mushroom stroganoff
#6 (4) katerina witt
#7 (9) kay burley
#8 (-) robert plant pictures
#9 (6) vegetable lasagne
#10 (-) charlie drake



Just one of the many 'affordable quality homes' at BM Estates... yesterday... under offer

What a month Bemuddlement fans! June saw Bemuddlement reach new heights with the spectacular business venture "BM Estates" not only did BME attract a stonking 500 hits per day at one point, but it became Bemuddlement's number one attraction, knocking our old mate Kolin Twang (aka Black) of the #1 spot.
A shed was quoted yesterday as saying "... we here at BM Estates are thrilled that Quality Homes, such as ourselves, are being offered to the Bemuddlement readership. It should put at least another 10% on the property price this month.


Meanwhile, former Bemuddlement #1  Kolin Twang, was reported as being "a bit miffed" but is still hoping that his top ten status will be enough to secure that 4 bedroom, studio, penthouse skip he has had his eye on recently. 

Kolin Twang... miffed... yesterday


Up two places this month is Sky News' very own goddess, Kay Burley, who despite only ever being mentioned on these Top Ten pages, has managed to become a mainstay of the Bemuddlement Top Ten, displacing such favourites as "Deutsche Madchen" and "Taj Mahal".

Who knows, the lovely Kay could be vying  for top spot soon, challenging such firm Bemuddlement favourites as "Thai Yellow Curry", "Black" and of course Bemuddlement's own local hero... Henry McGee.

And of course this gives Bemuddlement another gratuitous, self indulgent opportunity to publish piccy of the wondrous Ms Burley. Keep pressing the red button...

It's all just too easy for Sky News' Kay Burley. Up two places in this month's Top Ten.  


Charlie Drake.. sporting that "Mick Hucknell Look"... 52 years ago

Each month the Bemuddlement Top Ten throws up a surprise, be it one of Robert Plant's fine pictures, a tantilising dish of Vegetable Lasagne, or, like this month, British Comedy hero Charlie Drake. Charlie was unavailable for comment, but long time fan Mick Hucknell was allegedly phoned and allegedly made the following statement 
"Eeeee... it's grand having Charlie in t'charts. It's right champion that. I've been a long time fan and modeled my whole image on the man Barry Wong once described as a "little sh*t". Well done Charlie, another flat cap in t'post"  


With all the new Led Zeppelin material being released through May and June, it seems to have re-ignited the interest in the artwork of Robert Plant. Yes "Robert Plant Pictures" has re-entered the charts at #8 this month. 

Ace NWOBHM art expert, Xavier Valve, wrote

"It really has been disappointing the lack of Robert Plant artwork that has survived all these years. We have had to rely on such diverse sources as brass rubbings from old school desks,, to retrieved door paneling from hotel bathrooms from the mid-west, circa 1970. Still, I feel the body of salvaged work is a testament to the genius of the young artist and acts a highly educational source in trying to understand his influences"

Meanwhile here's one of Roberts later works, entitled "My DVD Player".

"My DVD Player" by Robert Plant, one of many retrieved works. This one was recovered from a rather faded copy of "Rupert Bears Big Bold Colouring Book Vol 12".