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What Brings People Here?? 

May 2003


    Last Month  
#1 (1) black wonderful life
#2 (2) thai yellow curry
#3 (10) henry mcgee
#4 (7) katerina witt
#5 (6) yellow curry
#6 (8) vegetable lasagne
#7 (5) genesis seconds out
#8 (3) mushroom stroganoff
#9 (-) kay burley
#10 (-) fran godfrey




Henry McGee, delighted to be at #3 in the Bemuddlement Top Ten... not yesterday

We are so excited here at Bemuddlement, as Henry McGee is threatening to take the Top Ten Spot from Black's "Wonderful Life" (aka Kolin Twang). It's seems Bemuddlement's campaign to promote and celebrate the work of Henry McGee is reaping benefits, as Bemuddlement is now number two in the Google rankings for the string "Henry McGee". Come on Bemuddlement visitors, lets make Henry Number one next month.


A taste of the Schrodinger's Cat has hit the Bemuddlement Charts this month. For those of you who don't know, Prof. Schrodinger was the scientist who proposed that the act of observation itself could indeed affect the outcome of the experiment. It appears, that in mentioning Kay in the March charts, Bemuddlement has indeed corrupted the intrinsically pure nature of the Top Ten and attracted hordes of Kay Burley fans to the website (well 8 actually).
George Bernard Shaw also queried whether, "if a library contained 'A Book of Books' that listed the books in the library, should the 'Book of Books' also list itself? If it did, it would no longer be 'A Book of Books' in the library, but a "A Book of Books plus one book about those books" and if it didn't the 'Book of Books' would be incomplete"
However, Kay is Number 9 and we get another chance to publish a lovely picture of said gorgeousness. So let Prof. Schrodinger put George Bernard Shaw in his Box with his cat, thats what we say...
And who knows? After Bemuddlement's failed campaign for a signed picture of Katarina Witt (#4) in Leiderhosen, perhaps the lovely Ms Burley may oblige??

"It was nothing really!"... Kay Burley thanks her Bemuddlement Fan base for helping her make number 9 ... just press the red button.. Although not a favourite  with plates of Mushroom Stroganoff... (see below)


A nourishing, angry  plate of Mushroom Stroganoff... yesterday

Each month there has been a steady presence in the BM Top 10 and we have yet to mention it in detail in any of the chart reports. Yes it's firm BM favourite... Mushroom Stroganoff. A serving of MS wrote to us earlier this week to complain...

"To whom it may concern....
I really feel I must protest in the strongest possible terms about your continued reluctance to mention Mushroom Stroganoff in your Bemuddlement Top 10 each month. This despite the fact that we have been a constant factor in your charts since it's inception. We are sick and tired of reading about 'Kolin Twang', Yellow Curry and Henry McGee. Why... in the charts for March 2003, you even mention Kay Burley, who didn't even feature in your chart, whilst we were a very healthly number 5. Please rectify this glaring omission, or you will be hearing from our lawyers.... 
Yours Sincerely
M. Straganoff
(Tesco Lightweight 3rd Div.)

Well how could we refuse such a request from such a tasty nutritious meal... at least it gives a vegetarian an alternative choice to Brie and Broccoli Bake.


And before you ask... yes he is still number one.

"Er excuse me... I'm still number one... why am I at the bottom of the page?"

Kolin Twang on a beach, inside cover of "Wonderful Life" circa 1987