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What Brings People Here?? 

April 2003

Last Month

#1 (1) black wonderful life
#2 (2) thai yellow curry
#3 (5) mushroom stroganoff
#4 (4) deutsche madchen 
#5 (7) genesis seconds out 
#6 (4) yellow curry 
#7 (3) katerina witt 
#8 (7) vegetable lasagne
#9 (-) yellow curry sauce 
#10 (-) henry mcgee 


Oi! Don't get too cocky.  A rare smile from Black on hearing he was top of the bemuddlement Charts for the second month running ... yesterday

Well it seems you just cannot get enough of Kolin Twang as "black wonderful life" maintains it's stranglehold on the Bemuddlement chart and holds the top spot for the second month running, once again rubbing salt into the wounds of former supergroup "Thai Yellow Curry Sauce", who have their vote effectively divided into three this month with "Thai Yellow Curry" at #2, "Yellow Curry at #6" and new Entry "Yellow Curry Sauce" at #9 


Well, we couldn't let this months chart go unnoticed without being able to announce that "Henry McGee" has made his debut appearance in the Bemuddlement Top Ten. It seems there are a few people out there looking for things McGee and it has brought them to the Bemuddlement zone...and why not, Bemuddlement is becoming the leading information resource for the work of this fine British comedy actor. Let's know Black off the

Henry McGee (c), Benny Hill (r) and friend. Would've have been ecstatic to make the the Beuddlement Top 10, but Henry had other things on his mind ... not yesterday.


Boy, do those Deutsche Madchen know how to have fun and here we see some marvelous work with some medicine balls

And it just wouldn't be a Bemuddlement Chart without a Germanic feel and "Deutsche Madchen" have maintained their healthy position at #4, but we are sad to report that Katarina Witt has dropped 4 places to #7 and this despite Bemuddlement now spelling her name correctly...AND there is still no sign of the long awaited picture in lederhosen...come on Katarina you know our e-mail address...