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What Brings People Here?? 

March 2003

Last Month

#1 (1) black wonderful life
#2 (2) thai yellow curry
#3 (6) Katarina Witt
#4 (5) deutsche madchen
#5 (3) mushroom stroganoff
#6 (4) yellow curry
#7 (-) black wonderful life lyric
#8 (7) genesis seconds out
#9 (-) robert plant pictures
#10 (-) u2 achtung baby review


Mr Twang demonstrating that you should ALWAYS look up into the lens when having your photo taken.

Kolin Twang (aka Black) once again tops this month's chart. Seems a lot of you out there are so desperate to get hold of information on Kolin, that a rival splinter group has been created of "Black Wonderful Life Lyric", which has also made an debut appearance at number 7 this month. Let's just hope his chart dominance is not affected in the same way as Yellow Curry/Thai Yellow Curry's has been.


Congratulations to Superior German Ice Maiden, Katarina Witt, this month who has climbed to position number 3 in the Bemuddlement Top Ten, despite the misspelling of the lovely Katarina's name throughout this site for the last twelve months. Maybe that's why she has yet to respond to Bemuddlement's request for a picture of her in Leiderhosen. Now we have corrected her name, we expect an onslaught on the #1 position during April...and who knows...maybe a pic of the lovely Katarina " mit dem leiderhosen tragen."

This is in itself a remarkable  achievement, as Fran Godfrey, whose name has been spelt correctly and appears often on this very site, has been bubbling under the Bemuddlement Top 10 for months, without actually making an impact or dent on the chart.



Uber Eis madchen Katarina Witt (yesterday), ecstatic at being number 3 in this months Bemuddlement chart. Demonstrating that for some people it really doesn't matter what angle you look into the lens.Now how about that pic in leiderhosen Katarina?

Fran Godfrey, bubbling under the Bemuddlement Top Ten and Kay Burley, not bubbling under, not in the Top Ten, just simply gorgeous. Note Fran looking into the lens at a flat 'horizon' level,  whilst Kay demonstrates the Katarina method of not giving two hoots where that lens catches her.

And we'd also like to mention at this point , The Queen of Sky News, Kay Burley, for no other reason that she is simply gorgeous and we'd like an excuse to print a picture of her. 


A whole bevy of Deutsche Madchen, hard at work, banging out Leiderhosen for Katarin Witt, yesterday. Note various angles of looking into the lens has not detracted from their natural "Arbeit" manner

And what about those Deutsche Madchen eh? Up one place to Number 4 and certainly giving Black and Yellow Curry a run for their money. We here at Bemuddlement would certainly like to know more about Deutsche Madchen. And judging by the large amount of e-mail we receive at the Bemuddlement Offices from Viagra salesmen, Escort Agencies, Nigerian Gangsters and Penis Enlargement Device Manufacturers, so would you.


"Me and my Friends 1974". Another rare Plant masterpiece. Note distinct lack of eyes, avoiding the "what angle should we look into the lens conundrum. 

Re-entry at Number 8 is "Robert Plant Pictures". It seems a lot of you just can't get enough of the Led Zeppelin front man's artwork, we asked resident Art critique Brian Sewer to comment on this latest masterwork uncovered "Me and My Friends"

'Roberts work is almost unsurpassed in his innocence and positive abandonment of conventional art technique, his imagery is as unique as an early Titan or maybe even wild manic interpretations of Van Gogh. Quite amazing'

Expect at least a 2 figure some at auction, for insurance purposes.