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What Brings People Here?? 

February 2003

    Last Month  
#1 (2) black wonderful life
#2 (1) thai yellow curry
#3 (5) mushroom stroganoff
#4 (8) yellow curry
#5 (6) deutsche madchen
#6 (3) Katarina Witt
#7 (-) genesis seconds out
#8 (-) cottage pie
#9 (-) naan calories
#10 (-) quorn



Is that almost a smile we see before

Bemuddlement congratulations to Black (aka Kolin Twang) for finally making the Bemuddlement #1 slot and has the honour of being Bemuddlement's first animate chart topper, In celebration our enslaved researchers have declared March as "Twang-month" and will be playing the finest work of 1987, non-stop in the Bemuddlement office...
  • Duration of Black - "Wonderful Life" CD 63mins 29secs
  • Days in March - 31
  • Yes, that's a staggering 703.17 plays
  • That .17 means you'll get to hear the albums title track, "Everything's is coming up Roses" and half of "Sometimes for the Asking", 704 times of course


Well they may not be English but it doesn't mean they can't enjoy "eine Tasse Tea"...tea zeit with the girls....yesterday

Once more, our lovely "Deutsche Madchen" have made the Bemuddlement Top Ten this month, consolidating their stronghold by moving up one place to position number 5.

Someone actually suggested that the reason they are so high in the Bemuddlement chart could be due to a large number of sexually frustrated Germans looking for pictures of Germanic lovelies. And looking at those sexy Teutonic babes enjoying some Tiffin's, who can blame them? 


"Ladies and Gentlemen...Peter Gabriel has left the building..."

1977 didn't bring us much joy, The Queens Silver Jubilee, The Sex Pistols were robbed of their rightful #1 spot, Spacehoppers were everyone's favourite toy, Spangles, Jamboree bags, Operation, Space Dust, Subuetto, Striker, Crossfire, Barbie Dolls...hang on this is turning into one of those "I Love Those 'I Love...'" nostalgia shows.

Anyway, 1977 did bring this months Bemuddlement's highest New Entry, Genesis - Seconds Out....and you though "Six Saintly Shrouded Men" was a joke line uttered by Biggus Dickus in Monty Python's - Life of Brian. Well done Fish and the lads...keep up the good work.


A cottage...yesterday

Still frantically looking for pictures of Katarina Witt in lederhosen (and Katerina STILL hasn't contacted Bemuddlement, despite persistent pleas) we shall concentrate on new entry at #8. Cottage Pie. Which despite it's misleading name is neither a Pie, or contains any cottages.

We asked a leading cottage for a comment and this was their response

"Yes, we often get asked if we are annoyed about the misleading nature of this fine meat/potato based product, but we feel that anything promotes peoples awareness of cottages is a positive move"