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What Brings People Here?? 

January 2003


  Last Month  
#1 (2) thai yellow curry
#2 (3) black wonderful life
#3 (5) katerina witt
#4 (1) vegetable lasagne
#5 (6) mushroom stroganoff
#6 (-) deutsche madchen
#7 (-) robert plant pictures
#8 (4) yellow curry
#9 (-) dumbkopf
#10 (-) trebant


This months #1..up one place Thai Yellow Curry,

What a fantastic month for Thai Yellow Curry...dislodging Vegetable Lasagne off the Bemuddlement #1 spot and proving that his solo career away from Yellow Curry (down 4 places to #8 this month) is far from flagging. We all await the album with baited breath coming to a chiller cabinet near you.

And look at #9, new entry "dumbkopf"... unfortunately we couldn't get any images of Dumbkopfs this month but please stay tuned.


Some Deutsche madchen Delighted to be at #6...yesterday

New entry at #6, Deutsche Madchen, were delighted to be appear in the Bemuddlement Top Ten. Resident German, Helmut Wirklichnahmen writes

"Horah fur Die Superior Deutsche Madchen. Die sind gross sexy babes ja?"

We still wish we hadn't asked.


Proud Trebant owner U2's Martin Fry with his new purchase... yesterday

It seems there are many people out there interested in that Superior Deutsche automobile...brought here by Mark Tallon's fantastic review of U2's 1990 smash "Actung Baby". Mark writes...

"..I'm absolutely thrilled for the Welsh boys..Martin's (Fry) collection of East German budget vehicles, is amongst the greatest in the world"


Well we aim to ask Bemuddlement Delivers. A genuine Robert Plant Picture (aged 3 3/4)

New entry at #7 is "Robert Plant Pictures". Our entrapped researchers have hunted high and low for genuine Zeppelinesque art, but with no luck. It wasn't until we consulted ace BBC artist Tony Hart did we strike Gold...over to Tony

"We often used to get 'Vision On' gallery entries from the Valhalla quartet, but of course we never could show them as they often used to lie about their age to get shown. I believe Mr Plant was 24 when he sent in this entry to the programme (shown Left). Nice try Robert, but it takes an early bird to fool Pat Keysel"