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What Brings People Here?? 

December 2002


#1 vegetable lasagne
#2 thai yellow curry
#3 black wonderful life
#4 yellow curry
#5 katerina witt
#6 mushroom stroganoff
#7 frohliche weinachten
#8 two ronnies fork handles
#9 froliche weinachten
#10 ciabatta bread calories


This picture all Yellow Curry fans want to see. Yellow Curry (L)  and Thai Yellow (R) Curry reformed and burying their hatchetts. Not since 1993's "Phuket Fooket" album have these two performed together. C'mon boys...make it up...we want to see you reform and take the Bemuddlment Charts by storm.

Yes, it seems food isn't far from the mind of our Bemuddlemed visitors, with five entries in the Bemuddlement Top Ten this month, most popular of all being perennial favourite, Vegetable Lagagne with Mushroom Stoganoff a healthy number 6. Note that if "thai yellow curry" and "yellow curry" ever do decide to reform and bury their artistic differences, then they could once again rule the Bemuddlement Charts. 

How nice to see that Christmas didn't go unnoticed with "froliche weinachten" making a seasonal entry at #9 and "frohliche weinachten" at #7, only separated by the four candles of the Two Ronnies at #8.


Of course we here at Bemuddlement just love our 80's music and it seems many of you out there do to. Black's 1987 classic Wonderful Life is still in many peoples minds it seems and Mark Tallon's wonderful review is certainly pulling in the punters. Mark documents Mr Twang's rise in the great New Zealand band "Men at Work", but not many people know that Kolin's father was in fact the basis for the character "Gordon Tracey" in Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet. Hang in there...Kolin..."Everything is Coming Up Roses".

Cheer up Kolin, your in at #3!!


Unable to locate Katarina Witt in Lederhosen, our enslaved researchers managed to track down this wonderful picture of some Deutsche Madchen enjoyng themselves with a rear tail fuselage joist from an Me110

And then of course there is sport and sex... and who can combine those two qualities any better than Superior Deutsche Ubereis Madchen, Katarina Witt at #5. Resident Bemuddlement  German Helmut Wirklichnahmen writes......

"Fraulein Witt ist einen sexy babe ja? Und sie floats meine Boot wirklich"

...we do wish we hadn't asked him sometimes.


Tune in  next month pop-pickers for more Bemuddlement Chartastic stats....!!!