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Bemuddlement Stats






So what brings people to Bemuddlement? Well, you would be amazed. Our team of enslaved mathematicians have been anaylsing those web logs and compiling the lists of things that brings you wonderful people to this little corner of confusion. 


Its dangerous work but someone has to do it. Some of our brave Bemuddlement mathematicians at work....yesterday

From people looking for pictures of the Taj Mahal, to those of you looking for pictures of Katarina Witt in Deutsche Lederhosen.....incidentally if anyone does have any pictures of Katarina Witt in Deutsche lederhosen, the Bemuddlement Office would love to hear.....only to please our public of course.

Well, we tried. As meatloaf once so eloquently put "1 out of 2 aint bad". We managed to get pictures of The Taj Mahal, but Katarina Witt in Lederhosen has completely eluded us.....her are four Deutsche Madchen in shooting britches with guns....Katerina if your reading this..HELP US!!!!

Sit back and enjoy our Top Ten(s) by clicking on the link to your left.