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Galton and Simpson Playhouse 
Swap You One Of These For One Of Those 


Interesting McGee Facts 
  • "Good Life" co-star, Penelope Keith, appeared in an episode of "Six Shades of Black" but not with Henry McGee
  • This episode was not one selected by Paul Merton in his 1998 showcase of "Galton and Simpson" comedies

Neat places to Visit

Watch out! Richard Briers is about to do a bit of moonlighting and star in an episode of "The Galton and Simpson Playhouse" with HENRY McGEE

The "Galton and Simpson Playhouse" was a series of 7 individual comedy episodes written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson (most famous for writing "Hancock's Half Hour" and "Steptoe and Son"). Each episode starred a notable British comedy actor/actress of the day. The seven episodes were

  • Car Along the Pass (Arthur Lowe)
  • Swap You One of These For One of Those (Richard Briers, HENRY McGEE)
  • Cheers (Charles Gray, Frederick Jones)
  • Naught For thy Comfort (Roy Kinnear)
  • Variations on a Theme (John Bird, Frances de la Tour, Norman Chappell)
  • Big Deal At York City (Warren Mitchell)
  • I Tell You It's Burt Reynolds (Leonard Rossiter, Patricia Hayes, Roy Baraclough)

This episode revolved around a suburban wife swapping party

Prog Detail Dates Episodes
7 Episodes  17-Feb-1977 > 07-APR-1977 [7 * 30mins]