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Television: Public Eye - "They Go Off in the End, Like Fruit" (1965)
Series 1 Episode 3


Interesting McGee Facts 
  • Hardly any examples of the first three seasons are known to be in existence. This episode is one of the missing ones.
  • Alfred Burke went onto play, Headmaster Armando Dippet (from the days of Tom Riddle)  in the movie of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". Henry McGee has yet to make an appearance in any Harry Potter films.

Neat places to Visit

Frank Marker (Alfred Burke, center) getting into a bit of bovver, from the episode "You Can Keep the Medal" (Series 2 Episode 5, 30th July 1966)). A full 1 year 5 months 24 days, after the infamous McGee appearance. 

"Public Eye" was originally an ABC TV production (1965-68) and then (after ABC lost its UK franchise) a Thames Television production from 1969 until 1975.that lasted for 7 series over the period 1965-75. 

The series revolved around the investigations of a loner private detective, Frank Marker (played by Alfred Burke), a character that investigated his crimes, flitting from the edges of the criminal underworld. His offices moved from London, to Birmingham, to Brighton and eventually to Windsor. Poor old frank was even wrongly imprisoned at the end of the final series produced by ABC, only to be lovingly freed by Thames television in 1969 for the 4th season.

Henry starred in this one episode playing the part of "Madely". Other actors in this episode 

  • Philip Latham .... Maxwell (who played Plantagenet Palliser opposite the lovely Susan Hampshire in "The Pallisers")
  • Garfield Morgan .... Brown  (who went on to play Haskins in "The Sweeny")


Prog Detail Dates Episodes
Series 1  Jan 1965 - May 1965  [15 * 60mins]
Series 2 Jul 1966 - Sep 1966  [13 * 60mins]
Series 3 Jan 1968 - Apr 1968  [13 * 60mins]
Series 4 July 1969 - Sep 1969  [7 * 60mins]
Series 5 July 1971 - Sep 1971  [13 * 60mins]
Series 6 Nov 1972 - Feb 1973  [13 * 60mins]
Series 7 Jan 1975 - Apr 1975  [13 * 60mins]