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The End Of the Tunnel (1966)

Television:  The Protectors : The Numbers Game (1972)

Series 1 Episode 13




Interesting facts about this episode

  • Tony Anholt does not appear in this episode
  • The computer used appears to be voice activated, preceding the technology by 20 years
  • Mobile phones, both in-car and personal are used... this is 1972!!! 
  • The Protectors have no sense of direction. The road used for filmingtheir journey from Dover is in fact the A1 near Borehamwood
  • "The Old Barn" (home of the Dr Savage the heart surgeon) is in fact the Edgwarebury Hotel, Edgwarebury Lane, Elstree

Neat places to Visit


Henry plays "Frank", a code breaking expert,  in this episode of the Gerry Anderson "real action" series. Main characters are American Entrepreneur  Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn), English Aristocrat The Countessa di Contini (Nyree Dawn Porter) and French Gadget meister Paul Buchet (Tony Anholt). Their mission is to protect the innocent and apprehend the guilty and form part of a world-wide network of Secret Agents.

Harry (Robert Vaughn) and Caroline (Nyree Dawn Potter) are hired by Sir Walter Crediton (Fredrick Treaves), to ensure a "wild-child" daughter is safely returned to her family. They learn, in the process, that the daughter (Susan, played by Margareta Lee) is passing coded numeric messages detailing car license plate numbers involved in an international drugs-smuggling ring. Harry tracks  the head of the operation,  Mario Giocovetti (Peter Arne), for a final confrontation, where Mario does the decent thing and commits suicide over his half-size snooker table.

Other Guest stars included:  George Innes (Luigi)


The computer time is booked 11:20am and Frank (Henry McGee) is ready and waiting I borrowed these glasses from Benny Hill.. "sirry iriot!" State of the art computing power circa 1972
"Well if we decode this part as the location... this car as the time... assuming these two letters refer to ... PM" The answer is "DOVER!" Co-starring HENRY McGEE (Horah!!)


Aired 29-DEC-1972
Written by Ralf Smart
Direction by Don Chaffey

Series Date Episodes
Series 1 29 Sep 1972 - 30 Mar 1973 26 Episodes
Series 2 21 Sep 1973 - 15 Mar 1974 26 Episodes