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Television: Six Shades of Black: A Loving Disposition (1965)


Interesting McGee Facts 
  • To our knowledge, henry McGee has never undergone psychiatric treatment
  • Henry was to later work with Nyree Dawn Potter in "The Protectors"
  • Whilst Henry never appeared with Frank Thornton in "Are You Being Served", he did appear with him in a later episode of "Last of the Summer Wine"
  • This episode was aired on 21st May 1965
  • David langton played Lord Bellamy in "Upstairs, Downstairs"

Neat places to Visit

Richard O'Sullivan and Ursula Howells, from "The Finer Things of Life" the preceding episode to "A Loving Disposition"


The series "Six Shades of Black", were a novel concept, in which the hero of one episode was the villain of the next, thus enabling the audience to see the good and the bad side of the featured character.

The series consisted of six episodes 

  • The Good Woman of Chester Square
  • A Touch of Uplift
  • The Finer Things of Life
  • A Loving Disposition
  • The Kindest Thing to Do
  • There is a Happy Land

In the episode Henry appears in (A Loving Disposition), a psychiatrist falls in love with one of his patients.  also starring

  • Frederick Bartman (Villian)
  • David Langton (Hero) 
  • Nyree Dawn Porter
  • Frank Thornton
Prog Detail Dates Episodes
6 Episodes  3-Apr-1965 > 4-Jun1965 [1 * 60mins]