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Television: 100 Greatest TV Ads (2000)


Interesting McGee Facts 
  • The complete 100 Greatest Ads can be found here
  • Kevin Keegan (Former Soccer player, now Soccer manager) played the role, that Henry made his own, during the early 1990's

Neat Places To Visit


A packet of Rice Krispies, pretending to be a packet of Sugar Puffs (unsuccessful)... yesterday...(use by date 26th June 2001)


At #53 we have the Sugar Puffs ad (a puffed wheat, sugar coated, breakfast cereal, starring henry Alongside the 'Honey Monster', who would insist that Henry should, "Tell them about the Honey..."

Other top 100 Highlights included:

  • Yellow Pages - JR Hartley (#13)
  • Shake 'n' Vac - Dancing Woman (#18)
  • Sony - Armchair: Out of Plane (#67)