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Film: The Cherry Picker (1972)


Interesting McGee Facts about this film
  • Henry also appeared with Spike Milligan in  "Digby the Biggest Dog in the World"  
  • Apparently, it contains a rare cinematic spanking scene between Bob Sherman and Lulu (as a Pop Singer...the mind boggles

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Not much is known about this 1972 movie, other than it's one of those typical British sex,comedy type movies that was so popular at the time (and Henry does appear to be in an awful lot of them).

The hippy son of a rich American Tycoon, loses is desire to live a life of luxury and the film revolves around that main theme attempting to draw on political satire for it's laughs. However it does star Lulu, Wilfred Hyde-White, Spike Milligan, Patrick Cargill and Terry Thomas. Henry McGee plays a character known as Pilkington.