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Film: Sailor Beware! (1956)


Interesting McGee Facts about this film
  • Henry played another  Royal Naval officer in the ill-fated Television Series "Tell it to the Marines" three years after this movie.
  • Do not confuse this movie with "Sailor Beware" (1952), starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis or "Sailors Three" (1940) starring Tommy Trinder, Claude Hulbert and Michael Wilding.
  • Michael Caine makes an uncredited appearance in this, film debut, as a sailor on Lewis' ship. Henry makes an uncredited appearance as a Tailor in "The Italian Job".

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Peggy Mount (C), Gordon Jackson (L) and Ronald Lewis (L)  ( Henry McGee) in a still from  1956 Britsh Comedy Classic "Sailor Beware".

The story is based on the same title stage play and was known as "Panic in the Parlor" in the US. As far as we know this is Henry's very first cinema appearance where he played a very minor untitled role. 

80 minutes long & filmed in Black and White, the film Starred Peggy Mount (Edie Hornett) as the typical "British Mother-in-Law" who  has to control her daughter Shirley's life (Shirley Eaton) and wedding to every extent. She dictates all the arrangements for her daughter's wedding to such an extent that the intended groom Albert Tufnell (Ronald Lewis), leaves Shirley at the Alter, when he discovers that his mother-in-law has bought a house three doors away from the house in which and his newly intended are going to live . Hilarity ensues.

Thora Hird (Mrs Lack) and Gordon Jackson (Carnoustie Bligh)  also co-starred 


The Times described it as "It's the music-hall mother-in-law joke inflated to gigantic proportions".