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Film: The Italian Job (1969)


Interesting McGee Facts about this film
  • Henry's appearance  is uncredited
  • Benny Hill plays computer expert Professor Simon Peach. Henry, of course, later went on to perform in many of Benny's Thames Television Shows

Neat Places to Visit

Its only 8 seconds long, but at 6mins 55secs into the Italian Job Henry Appears

Henry plays the tailor of newly released Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) in this 1969 classic. It's brief, if you'll blink you'll miss it, but Henry does have one of the more subtle comedy lines in the film.


Tailor [Henry McGee] : Very elegant Sir, although I do believe you have put on a little weight
Croker [Michael Caine] : Yes well, I've been in America you see, its the the hamburgers
Tailor : Is that so?
Croker : Yes
Tailor : Well I'm glad your out......I mean back