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Film: Digby the Biggest Dog in the World (1973)


Interesting McGee Facts about this film
  • Fellow Benny Hill support, Bob Todd, appears in this movie as "The Great Manzini, a short-sighted circus knife thrower.
  • Henry appears last in the acting credits on this Movie
  • At the end of the second news piece, Henry introduces a new show,  "Karate for Housewives"
  • Henry also in appears in another film with Spike Milligan, "The Cherry Picker".

Neat Places to Visit

Digby maybe the biggest dog in the world, but this has to be the smallest part. Henry doesn't actually appear outside of one of two television sets.

Henry has a small part in this film as a newsreader. There are two scenes involving Henry, the first is when he breaks the news that a racehorse had been stolen. This was in fact a mistaken mix-up between the trailer that held Digby and a trailer that held. The second scene, involves Henry telling of a "Shaggy Dog" story, of an apparently Giant Dog at a nearby Circus. It's a small part, but a classic "That's Henry McGee" moment.

"...and now....a new series...'Karate for Housewives'..."


Basic plot Billy White (Richard Beaumont) lives with his widowed mother Janine White (Angela Douglas) in his Grandfathers House, after visiting the local dogs home, Billy comes home with Digby. Meanwhile Jeffery Eldon (Jim Dale), who works with Janine at a local "NATO Research Centre" is haplessly pursuing Janine. Whilst working on a growth drug which is being used to produce (amongst other things) a 30 foot cucumber, Jeffery comes up with an idea to grow 'prize roses' by taking some of the drug home to use in his garden.

Billy's Grandfather then tells Billy that "Digby has to go" and Billy's mother suggests that he (Billy) leave Digby with her work colleague, Jeff. This plan is rather successful until Digby is mistakenly given some of the growth drug in his milk...and that's when the hilarity starts.

That's one big heathrow airport

It's a pleasant little movie, if only for the fantastic Spike Milligan, who plays German Dr Harz. Spike is on good form, showing what a fine comedic actor he was.

The film is packed with a great cast, culled mainly from 1970's sit-coms, including Shelia Stefel, John Bluthal, Norman Rossington, Victor Spinetti, Milo O'Shea, Dinsdale Landen, Frank Thornton, Bob Todd, Victor Madden  and of course Henry McGee.

Filmed at Elstree Studios, most of the scenes have that classic, "filmed in London Suburbia" feel.