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Film: Come Play with Me (1977)


Interesting McGee Facts about this film
  • Henry can boost to have appeared in the longest running West End film (4 years from 1977-81), although this is largely due to the 'raincoat brigade'.
  • Irene Handl also appeared with Henry in Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World
  • Look out for fellow Benny Hill players, the lovely Rita Webb and the brilliant Bob Todd.
  • The 1st Deputy Prime Minister of the UK was Clement Atlee (1942-1945)

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Film Poster from the West End's longest running film...honest and Henry McGee even gets co-starring credit!!!

It's the late 70's and new breed of film is hitting the cinema. Many remember the sexy antics of the "Carry On" films, but there was newer, ruder, filthier and cruder format of British films that featured comedy, fused with full-frontal nudity and soft-core pornography. A new certificate was even created by the UK censors for this genre of film...the now famous "X" certificate.

The film is set in a health farm in Scotland, although the setting and the plot are largely inconsequential to this movie. The film is most famous for making a star of Mary Millington (Sue), who was queen of the British soft-core scene at the time, before tragically committing suicide a year later in 1978. Alfie Bass (Kelly)  and Irene Handl (Lady Bovington) also star in the movie providing the comedic content with Henry.

Henry actually plays the Deputy Prime Minister in this movie.

Allegedly there are hard-core scenes which were never included in the release. We look forward to the DVD release.