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Film: Carry On Emmannuelle (1978)


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Don't worry..we'll get a Henry Screen Cap the next time this dire film is repeated on "UK Gold" . Emmanuelle Prevert (Suzanne Danielle) tries to get to grips with husband Emile (Kenneth Williams)

Henry plays TV interviewer Harold Hump, who  interviews the wife of UK French Ambassador Emile Prevert (Kenneth Williams), Emmannuelle (Suzanne Danielle aka Mrs Sam Torrence). The interview comes about after one of her conquests, Theodore Valentine (Larry Dann), falls madly in love with her and gets so fed up with her indifference towards him, leaks the details of all her other liaisons to the press. Whilst interviewing Emmanuelle, Harold Hump is seduced, live on air by her.

This was probably one "Carry On" film too many for the famous series. Very different in direction from the rest of the series, although "Carry on England" (1976) saw a new script writing team, editor and music director (although Eric Rogers did return for this film). It certainly should've been the last "Carry On", the formula was unsuccessfully resurrected in 1992 for "Carry on Columbus" .

Note curious spelling of "Emmannuelle". Some say the extra "n", was to avoid legal wrangling with the producers of the famous soft-porn series of the day, others say it was just a spelling mistake.