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The Departure Lounge

Bemuddlement Music
Guitarists.Net Fantastic guitar resource site
Bemuddlement Media
BBC Radio 2 Most popular radio station in the Universe and home of "Wake Up to Wogan"
The TOGS Homepage Their mad, bad, mad, dangerous to know and mad.
Friends of Bemuddlement
Captain Cosmos Award winning home of Blue Peter Astronomer Anton Vamplew
Punding The funniest cartoon strip on the Internet. Major Minor is a particular Bemuddlement favourite.
Spaghoops If it's not here, it's not worth knowing about.
Spectre D'Escalier The finest unsigned band on the planet.
TOG Friends of Bemuddlement
Dai Apy The home of all things Taffia
The Crooked Man of Old Bangor Town Respect! Awesome body of collected poems and more.
Mr Hucker (Rudolf) You never know who is listening out there.
Sly Stonions Get those sweatshirt on tour photos at the ready!
Bemuddlement Laughter
Weebl and Bob The second funniest cartoon strip on the Internet.