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The Gorgeous Schwarze Sisters

Every now and then you find yourself in a little place that has been forgotten by time that you never knew existed.

One Friday I went lazily shopping and got sucked into a little courtyard curio shop that I'd completely forgotten about and saw "Her" sitting there. We have been eyeing each other for a few years now, but she was always so hard to find. I know her sister really well, but I secretly always wanted to be with the other know how it is...that distant longing. She was the quiet type, unassuming, mysterious. I asked the owner of the place, who she was, where she was going. The owner  told me that she was just passing through, a real elusive type...just looking for the right person to be with.

That Friday night I couldn't get her out my mind...I was tossing and turning...restless. I awoke on Saturday, with a troubled but determined mind.

" will be mine", I said to myself, "We've waited too long and fought our feelings too hard". I dashed to where she was living. Her landlord introduced me formally and we sat and chatted....she was sweet and had the voice of an angel....and could growl like a banshee.

"How do you do that?", I asked her and with a coy look she looked sheepishly to the ground, our gaze was fixed..
"It's my friend who helps me she said. I'm usually such a quite girl, but...well she brings out the worst, or some say...the me "

Her friend just sat there wailing like a siren and like the Lorelei herself, I was lured into to her entrancing sounds. At times her voice was clear, crisp with a shallow echo of a crystal clear stream, caught in the bright summer sun and then in an instant she was tormenting all around with the screams of the damned of the dark world.

"You two seem kind of inseparable", I said the girl , "you really should both come home with me. It would be good to see your sister again wouldn't it?"

"Maybe", she said, "I think my cousin would like to hang out with her too.."

and so I paid the owner and brought them both home.....

They tell me that are called the "Schwarze Sisters" we think Romy and Lilo...but we have yet to verify that. Romy (the thinner of the two and the one who caught my eye initially) is a bit reluctant to divulge her identity...but I did hear them chatting...and I would never have guessed Lilo's name in a thousand years...and she has been with me for a good 3 years now. Their friend hasn't told me who she is yet...she just sings softly and occasionally wails with delirious passion...uncontrollably at times...she is a wild beast....but has the tenderness of an angel

Is this the start of a beautiful relationship.....? Judge for yourself.....