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The Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp, aka CC Rocket

So as Romy and Lilo spread their wings into the wide world, they realised that they needed a voice to convey their true emotions to anyone who wished to listen. Romy in particular was desperate to growl, but Lilo also secretly hankered to scream in the wild and at times sing lullabies....she was getting tired of only singing down the phone and longed to be with her loved ones. So what is a boy to do? A grand exploration was undertaken throughout the breadth of the land, until one day we found CC.

"Hi! Who are you?", I enquired

"I'm CC", she replied

"CC, that's an unusual name. What does it mean?"

"It's the name of a wondrous place, a Tropical paradise. There are banana palms and the trees can be seen to wave and sometimes, whisper in the wind. There are parakeets that nest in the trees and a special crystal parakeet safeguards the land from evil intruders. CC is just a reference, a metaphore. There is a Princess who lives there and she will share the true name with only those she's fit to share her life"

"How will I find it?", I asked

"Very few do, but you will know, because the Princess of that land will take you to one side and tell you. She will also tell what CC really means. I need you to find her so we can find my true name"

"You must join me CC. Travel with us and we will find this place"

Romy, Lilo, CC and me traveled to far distant places, where the dark demon hounds could be fended away. We were chased and hounded by them. When they got too close CC and Romy would howl piercing antidotes of sound and demons would be held at bay. On other times Lilo and CC would sing softly until all who listened would be at sleep. In our sleep, in our dreams we all saw different things, but everything we saw represented happiness. Each waking morning brought us pain and emptiness. An unknown void was in all us and we knew that only finding this mystic place, which CC told us about, would fill that void.

One day there was a great storm and the four us were stranded. No map, no compass, we were lost. A dark haired maiden found us in the middle of this dark storm and in in her hand she held a golden compass, "Every girl has to have a compass, it tells me how I got here and it shows me where I need to be" she said, 

"We only know where we've been", I told her, "we are looking for magic". Will your compass show us the way?

The girl just smiled, held out her hand and led us to her palace.

She dried us, fed us, cared for us, patched us up. Our strength was low, but she showed kindness, compassion and a patience unknown. Lilo in particular was suffering and needed just a little more time than the rest of us to the end all us brought Lilo back to health until she was singing sweeter than ever.

We all grew fond of the Princess. CC and Romy would scream around the palace until till late at night. Lilo and CC would whisper sweet melodies, that cried out into the darkness. The Princess would listen and sometimes tell us tales of far off places, whilst we were all resting.

Eventually the day came for us to continue our trek. Saying goodbye was painful, but we all had our destinies to seek. But as we were about to leave, CC stopped in her tracks.....she heard tropical birds from the window and for the first time Romy noticed the  banana trees swaying  in the breeze.  Lilo looked above the door and the Letters "C.C" slowly appeared from the stone. They materialised into a deep embossed carving. The Princess then held out her hand, opened her palm and revealed a small crystal parakeet. The bird smiled at her and then looked me. He spread his wings and flew towards me. As I reached out my hand he circled my head three times and settled on my shoulder. The Princess placed her palm in mine.

Then the Princess took my hand and told us what CC really meant. I then knew that what our little friend had told us was true. It's a name that only the privileged, cherished ones of the Princess know. I can't tell anyone.

We had found the destination of the journey.

The crystal parakeet just smiled.