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Food and Drink

Hey that's not a box!!! This looks like fresh meat product. Bemuddlements first Carnivore outing...Prime Scotch Angus Beef Burgers Added 21-JAN-2003
 Fork Reamy Mushroom Pies Added 03-SEP-2002
A taste of La France. Quorn Fillets in a mushroom and white wine sauce. Added 13-AUG-2002
A rare find. Tesco's Mushroom Stroganoff with rice Added 08-JUL-2002
More A-class cuisine from our Italian Bemuddlement section. Pasta with Garlic Mushrooms. Added 12-JUN-2002
Be warned almost proper cooking. Quorn Duetto Pasta (Bemuddlement Style) Added 29-MAY-2002
Oriental time with Thai yellow Curry. Added 12-MAY-2002
A traditional taste of rural England with Quorn Cottage Pie Added 16-APR-2002
Something a little more traditional with this excellent combination meal with Garlic and Mushroom Quarter Pounders as the main item Added 15-APR-2002
More Gastronomic delights from Italy, Three Layer Vegetable Lasagne Added 11-APR-2002
Indian Inspired Culinary Delights, Quorn Tikka Masala Added 11-APR-2002
Fine Italian Cooking Penne Nicoise Added 9-APR-2002