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Three Layer Vegetable Lasagne

Dish Sainsbury's Three Layer vegetable Lasagne.
What is It ? Pasta, layers of veg (three), courgettes, tomato source Béchamel Cheese, Spinage
Where to find it Chill cabinet, Pasta section
Likelyhood of finding Relatively rare, especially if something popular and Italian has been on the television the night before and the country is embracing the Italian culture (like Lazio beating Arsenal).
Complimentaries Only Garlic Bread will do or the famed Ciabatta bread.
Wine Red, large quantities
Preparation Notes Beautifully simple.
  • Lasagne 35 mins
  • Garlic Bread 12-15

Both benefit from overcooking. Three Layer Vegetable Lasagne really benefits with a slightly crispy top layer of pasta. Garlic Bread always benefits from an extra five minutes either by intentional over cooking, or forgetting to get out of the bath.

Always remember to remove the cardboard from Lasagne before cooking (see Fig 1).

Likewise, always unwrap the Ciabatta Bread too (see Fig 2)

You can do almost anything whilst this is cooking. The 35 minute preparation time is more than enough to have a bath, surf the internet, learn a cool rocking tune on the guitar.

If selecting the guitar option, Bemuddlement recommends something strummy and chordy such as Sheryl Crow's "It Don't Hurt" or John Lennon's "Jealous Guy". Avoid complicated classics such as Kim Mitchell's "Go for Soda" or the intro to Rush's 1980 masterpiece "Spirit of Radio". Only the finest culinary/guitar geniuses should attempt any Van Halen song.  Why not try something unusual for the guitar such as Abba's "SOS" or Tubeway Army's "Are Friends Electric"?


Do NOT Cook with this on Correct Procedure

Fig 1

Our expert Bemuddlement chef demonstrates the correct preparation for the Lasagne prior to cooking.

Step 1: Open Packet and remove Bread Step 2: Ciabatta Bread ready for cooking.

Fig 2

Similarly, The Bemuddlement Chef demonstrates the correct preparation for Ciabatta Bread


Calories 550 + 489 each half loaf of  Ciabatta Bread  + WIne

Beware of the Ciabatta Bread. It's loaded with calories. Sad Meal for One persons's addictive, but you could end up loading  900 calories into your system. Bemuddlement Nutritionist recommends at least  day's starvation beforehand.

Serving Suggestion Never, ever remove the Lasagna from the metallic dish.
  • It doesn't come out
  • Bizarre combination of ingredients is a nightmare for washing up.

Custom built garlic dish for Garlic Bread. Beware of the Ciabatta option though. It doesn't quite fit the dish.

Ideal Viewing/Listening We used to think something bizarre and wacky would be ideal with this dish, something along the lines of "The Rutles", but since the release of Father Ted on DVD, there is simple no better alternative.

Fig 3

How do our legion of Kitchen experts continually produce such fabulous results. Note Main dish is not spoiled by slight overcooking.