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Thai Yellow Curry

Dish Sainsbury's Thai Yellow Curry.
What is It ? Vegetables in a yellow oriental curry sauce.  Items spotted included baby sweetecorn, mushrooms and water chestnut. Ideal when you fancy a curry, but also fancy an Oriental dish.


Where to find it Chill cabinet, between Italian and Indian sections.
Likelyhood of finding Difficult. This is the only Vegetarian Oriental ready meal that Bemuddlement has spotted. Please consider purchase  the day before, whilst shopping for three-layer vegetable lasagne perhaps?


Complimentaries Do not eat alone. The coconut becomes quite overpowering after a while. the blandness of a vegetable spring roll is a welcome relief.
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Spring Rolls (vegetable of course)



Fig 1

It may not look good now, but wait until our Bemuddlement Chef gets a hold of this.



Wine As always. White if you can. Chilled Californian Chardonnay. Avoid warm tempting and convenient as it sounds. 
Preparation Notes Thai Vegetable Yellow Curry takes 20 mins in the Oven. Egg Fried Rice takes 3 mins in the microwave and the Spring Rolls take on average 6-10 mins in the oven..........all very confusing. Bemuddlement recommends, heating the oven, run the bath to completion and then insert the Curry into the oven. Bathe and then utilise the drying time by standing in the kitchen and kicking the spring rolls and Egg Fried Rice off (note that it is acceptable to leave the Rice in the microwave for a few minutes after cooking, whilst the Spring Rolls get that extra special 'crispy' finish. 


  • Thai Yellow Curry 512kcal (note packet quotes 1/2 packet calories of 256...a mouse couldn't live on a half serving) 
  • 350kcal
  • + Wine
  • +spring rolls

Beware, those calories can quickly mount up. Especially if opening a fresh bottle of white wine that evening.  It almost seems an insult to send it back to the fridge, doesn't it?


Serving Suggestion ALWAYS remove from packaging. Unlike other dishes, Thai Yellow Curry does not benefit from being eating from the attractive black plastic packet. Likewise with the Egg Fried Rice. Rice served "Vesta Curry" style will also prevent that tasty (but lethal staining) yellow sauce from spillage.

Washing up the next day can be a bit of a chore. The yellow sauce has a habit of encrusting itself to the plate. Leave the plate in "to soak". 

Why not place the spring rolls in a separate serving utensil? You know it makes sense. 

Ideal Viewing/Listening For that classic Oriental feel Bemuddlement can recommend the Redux edition of "Apocalypse Now!" or maybe that old vinyl copy of MSG's "One Night at the Budakhan".

We too "Love the smell of napalm in the Morning".



Fig 2

Another wonderous culinary creation. Can you see those musherooms yet?? There is rumoured to be pineapple too!!! Note