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Quorn Fillets in a Mushroom and White Wine Sauce

Quorn Fillets in a Mushroom and White Wine Sauce
What is It ? Sculpted pieces of Quorn saturated in a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce. Marinating will not occur...Quorn is impervious to all attempts to infuse flavour.

Fig 1

Hang on....that looks like raw ingredients 



Where to find it Quite common in the "Quorn" section of your local supermarket. Just a quick gripe here ...why is it virtually every supermarket puts the "Quorn" section in the same row as the meat??? Most people eat Quorn as they wish not to eat meat, yet Bemuddlement shoppers are regularly forced to walk past a row of a few hundered dead chickens and animal parts before finding the items of our choice......IS IT ME?????
Likelyhood of finding Very good...just follow the rows of dead chickens...some have a wonderful unnatural sweetcorn colour.


Complimentaries Baked Potatoes, Petit Pois with Carrots 

Fig 2

Those fillets are in there us... 



Wine Lindmans Chardonnay Wine Box....handy clear bag inside so reserves can be checked. Suggestion to Wine Box Producers....why not place a clear plastic window on the side so you can see how much wine is canister of Castrol GTX has one of these (as does Bemuddlements Coffee filter).


Fig 3

No more guessing on how much wine is left in the wine box with this excellent idea from Lindmans...the clear wine bag....however the wine box had to be dismantled to retrieve the said item.

Why not combine  the gauge on the Coffee Filter machine with the wine more reassembly blues. 




Preparation Notes

Quorn takes 5 mins in the microwave. Two sessions of 2mins 30 seconds. 
Petit Pois with Carrots takes 3 mins to heat on the hob ...turn to incinerate.
Baked Potatoes would've taken 15 mins in the microwave and then finished off for 10 mins in the oven...however on close inspection our Bemuddlement chef spotted signs of rotting on one of the potatoes (a common occurrence in the UK as most Baked Potatoes are bought for BBQ supplimentaries.....adverse weather often means sacks of potatoes take root in the kitchen...or rot) bring on plan B

Potatoes were sliced for check of health
Potatoes will be boiled this evening.



Fig 4

Yes Plan B......and yes...that is a "1998 Page and Plant Tour" mug in the top right hand corner showing the "Zoso" symbol......just right for that "Tea for One" hohohohoho!. 

Please do reverse the image...Bemuddlement claims no responsibility for the consequences.


  • Quorn Fillet 124 calories
  • White Wine Sauce 84 calories
  • Petit Pois with Carrots 200 calories
  • Potatoes....unknown
  • Wine approx 200 cals.......hang on, why not produce wine glasses with small gauges on the side indicating calorific value??

Fig 5

No more calorific guessing with this excellent Bemuddlement Chardonnay Calorie Calibrated Wineglass.


Copyright Bemuddlement 13-AUG-2002


Serving Suggestion Potatoes on First
Petit Pois and Baby Carrots on Second
Quorn Fillets 
Sauce poured over fillets


Ideal Viewing/Listening An excellent dish to combine with any major astronomical event. As it was the 12th August, Bemuddlement took advantage of the fine evening and almost Moonless skies, to view the Perseid meteor shower, forsaking U2's "Rattle and Hum" that was paused halfway through a rip roaring version of 'Helter Skelter'.



Fig 6

Bravo! Bon Appetite! It's off to view the Meteor shower.