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Quorn Tikka Masala

Dish Sainsbury's Quorn Tikka Masala
What is It ? Quorn in some spicy Indian Orange Sauce. With Rice.
Where to find it Chill cabinet, local supermarket. In the Quorn section NOT the Indian meal section.
Likelyhood of finding Not too bad. Certainly not as popular as Sainsbury's own brand "Vegetable Madras". The inclusion of Quorn is a serious off-putting ingredient for many sad vegetarians seeking a tasty meal for the evening. 
Complimentaries Take your pick. Bemuddlement recommends
  • Pashwari Naan
  • Vegetable Samosa's
  • Onion Bhaji's
Wine If you have white, then go for it. Otherwise a standard raid on the red wine box can be recommended. Our Bemuddlement wine experts strongly advise the purchase of a vacuum stopper, wine sealer. Whilst half a bottle may not be enough...a whole one defiantly is.
Preparation Notes Tricky.
  • Quorn takes 20 mins
  • Naan's take 5-6 mins
  • Samosa's take 12 mins

This means that slamming all the food in and returning 20 mins later, will result in Crispy Naans and Samosa's. Whilst Samosa's do benefit from slight overcooking, the Pashwari Naan's end up like biscuits. Bathing not recommended whilst preparing this meal, unless you wish to get out half-way through to insert Samosa's and Bread into oven.

Whilst Quorn Tikka Masala may survive overcooking, the rice certainly won't.....listen out for a distinctive 'tinkling sound' of rice hitting the plate...this is a sure warning sign.

Remember YOU KEEP THE FILM ON the Tikka Masala, but do remember to pierce before cooking, and REMOVE before eating.



Fig 1

Fresh from the fridge, Sainsbury's Quorn Tikka Masala. Note that it comes with rice for ultimate convienience. Remember to pierce film. DO NOT be put off by condensation inside packet unless more than three days past use-by date.

Calories 505 + Naan (224 per loaf) + Samosa's (124 each) + Onion Bhaji's (Approx 150 each) + Wine.

Once again, the Naan breads calories are quoted" per half Bread".  Samosa's come in packs of four, Bhaji's in packs of six. Serious calorific abuse.

Serving Suggestion Could leave Quorn in separate compartments, but doesn't look very nice and the plastic film is often hard to remove. Remnants of polyethylene can be off-putting. See Figure 2 for the ideal Serving Suggestion.



Fig 2

Despite the extra washing up caused, our Bemuddlement Chef strongly recommends that Quorn Tikki Masala, it also prevents needless spillage of Masala sauce onto the tray, as the rice acts a boundary.

Ideal Viewing/Listening Bemuddlement recommends classic  Woody Allan ("Annie Hall" or "Manhattan"). If it's Wednesday night and late, why not combine with Simon Bate's excellent review of the next day's papers on Sky News (11:45pm).

Fig 3

Perfection. Our Bemuddlement Chef here chose the Naan Bread (Pashwari) and Samosa (Vegetable) options, beautifully served and presented, with large glass of Sauvignon/Shiraz South African blended wine...fresh from the Wine Box.