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Penne Nicoise

Dish Sainsbury's Penne Nicoise
What is It ? Pasta (tubes), in some red sauce (tomato/cheese), some olives thrown in for good measure. Bits of celery (we think)
Where to find it Chill cabinet, local supermarket.
Likelyhood of finding A relatively unpopular yet tasty dish, good chance of some still being left in the chill cabinet at your local Supermarket post 7pm. If eating that night, be on the look out for reduced price items nearing their "sell-by" date. Frozen versions are available and can be a useful backup plan if the chill cabinet lets you down.

STOP PRESS: 08-APR-2002 New Organic and "Mini-Favourites" lines spotted

Choice of ideal accompaniments may be more difficult to find. In order of rarity

  • Ciabatta Bread
  • Garlic and Red Onion Flatbread
  • Garlic Bread
Complimentaries Sainsbury's Ciabatta Bread, great for dipping in the red sauce and for munch on after when your still hungry....ideal cold, although may be rarer to obtain after 7pm, the Red Onion Bread is a passable substitute.

For the less exotic plain Garlic Baguette is a superb alternative (see Fig 1)

Do not attempt without. Sauce becomes far too tart after 4 mouthfuls.

Fig 1

A fine example of some slighty over cooked Garlic Bread, beautifully served on a purpose made Garlic Bread Dish.

Wine Yes

Bemuddlement recommends Italian Red something. Avoid German/French at all costs. South African Shiraz is a safe neutral alternative as is Californian Zinfandel.

Preparation Notes States it serves 2.......please don't be put should say ".....(or one sad person)".

Give good shake before putting in oven, pasta has a tendency to burn if not submerged in the red stuff (See Fig 2).

Doesn't really benefit from extended heating. (See Fig 3).

Not recommended cold.




Fig 2

Note, uneven transportation from Supermarket  has caused exposed pasta in the left hand picture. A vigourous shaking  soon rectifies this.

Calories 402 + Bread (684 per loaf) + Wine.

WARNING: Be warying of Garlic Bread. Manufacturers only print (342 per 1/2 loaf), we are eating for one person remember.

Serving Suggestion Could tip onto a plate, but that will increase washing up in the morning. Best left in plastic tray, especially if utilising the Ciabatia Bread option. See Fig 3.

Fig 3

Slight overcooking has caused discolouration around the edge of the serving tray. Note the chef here has followed the Bemuddlement Advice on serving in the packaged tray provided.


Ideal Viewing/Listening For late evening dining, Bemuddlement recommends a taping of MTV's 1996 "Tori Amos - Unplugged". Length 60mins, should still be conscious by the end of the tape. Unconsciousness is to be avoided at all costs, as VH-1's "AC/DC in session" was taped on the same cassette after. Being awoken by "Riff Raff" and the chilling smell of Penne Nicoise at 12:45am can be an unpleasant experience.

Fig 4

Bon Appitte. Penne Nicoise artisically arranged with Bread and Large Glass of Red Wine by our Bemuddlement Chef. Note rare complete loaf of Garlic Bread, rarely does one complete baguetteever make it out of the kitchen.