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Pasta with Garlic Mushrooms

Dish Twisty pasta in a white sauce, mushrooms.


Fig 1

Here we go again. Another transfiguration miricle is about to commence 


What is It ? Nice Pasta twists, in a white sauce (rumoured to be based on white wine). Sliced mushrooms thrown in for good measure.



Fig 2

Good enough to eat even in this raw state. Note the wonderful heat resistant tray. Where would Bemuddlement be without it? 



Where to find it
  • Chill Cabinet Italian Section
Likelyhood of finding Very good. This is a surprisingly unpopular dish, considering it's dedication to Garlic and Mushrooms (surely the greatest fungus/bulbous herb combination)


Complimentaries Garlic Bread to the rescue once more.
Wine Bemuddlement recommends a chilled white wine to avoid clashing with the alleged wine content of the white sauce.

Getting in late can cause chilling problems. Bemuddlement wine connoisseurs recommend the speed chil technique of inserting the bottle in the Freezer. A standard 75cl bottle can be reduced to an obscenely low temperature in 45 mins. Don't forget to remove. Frozen wine expands in the bottle. 

Preparation Notes Simplicity itself
  • Pasta 20mins
  • Bread 10-12 mins

Insert bread into the oven a full 5 minutes after the initial pasta entry. Remove all item 15 mins later, resulting in perfect pasta and slightly overdone G.Bread. Crispy Garlic Bread is ideal for dunking in the white sauce (especially if served in standard heat resistant tray).

  • Pasta 669 kcal
  • Bread 2-300 kcal
  • Wine.....who cares

"Beware! Beware! carbo-hydrate overdose Will Robinson"

Serving Suggestion Always serve in white heat resistant tray. This not only reduces washing-up but highlights the Garlic Bread dunking experience.



Fig 3

Once again! Note delicate charing on the heat resistant tray and slight overbrowning of the Garlic Bread....who put that wine glass there? 



Ideal Viewing/Listening To compliment the mushroom/garlic combinations why not enjoy another perfect combination? "The Best of the Two Ronnies" is available on DVD