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Fork Reamy Mushroom Pies

What????? Oh FOUR CREAMY Mushroom Pies...why didn't you say so?
What is It ? "Short crust pastry base, filled with tender pieces of Quorn myco-protein with sliced mushrooms in a rich creamy sauce topped with light puff pastry". In other word a vegetarian analogue for Chicken and Mushroom Pies.

Fig 1

It doesn't look much....and it isn't 



Where to find it Meatfree Freezer section. 
Likelyhood of finding Very common. The long shelf life of this product, coupled with the fact that it will live for ages in the freezer, means that this product is amongst the easiest to find. Always worth a look when your favourite cold cabinet dish is not available.


Complimentaries Tonight Matthew, I will be complementing with Heinz Baked Beans (avec Mixed Herbs) and Instant Mash Potato. 


Fig 2

Just how do you get every last bean out of that can? Bemuddlement Chefs recommend a 1kg Club Hammer 7.99 from B&Q. Note bean free can.



Wine Lindmans Chardonnay Wine Box to the rescue and good job too, this dish takes an age to cook so quietly sipping away passes the time in an almost constructive manner.
Preparation Notes
  • Pies take 30-35 mins at 200 deg C
  • Baked Beans Take approx 5 mins to warm
  • Instant Mash.......OK.....a bit of GCSE Physics is required here.....

Q. How long does it take to prepare one serving of Instant mash potato given that.....

  • The Energy to raise the temperature of 1g of Water by 1 deg C is 4.2 Joules
  • There is 750 ml is water required
  • The kettle is rated at 800W
  • The water pours from the kettle at 87 ml/sec
  • 30 seconds stirring time is required
  • Water from the tap is 22 deg C
  • 1 ml of water weighs 1g


  • First we need to know the energy required to boil the water...we can use the formula
  • Energy = Specific Heat capacity of Water * mass of Water * Delta Change in Temperature
  • Energy = 4.2 J/g * 750ml * (100 -22)
  • Energy = 245,700 Joules

Now Assuming Energy = Power * Time....then

  • Time to Boil = Energy / Power
  • Time to Boil = 245,700 / 800W
  • Time to Boil = 307.125 seconds

Time to Pour

  • Time to Pour = Total Mass of Water / Flow Rate
  • Time to Pour = 750 / 87
  • Time to Pour = 8.6207 Seconds

Total Time therefore

  • Total Time = Time to Pour + Time to Boil + Stirring Time
  • Total Time = 8.6207 + 307.125 + 30
  • Total Time = 345.7457 Seconds or 5 minutes 45.75 seconds

Which is well within the time to cook the Pie


Fig 3

Oh dear we are 315.7457 seconds into the preparation and already too much water has been added to the Instant Smash. Enter our secret ingredient....Sainsbury's Instant Mash potato. It's fine powder nature, enables mixing into the Instant Smash Avoiding unnecessary Smash lumpiness.


  • Pie = 334 Cals
  • Instant Mash = 97 Cals per serving
  • beans = 330 Cals per time
  • Wine = n * 200, where n is any number you like
Serving Suggestion
  • Splat Mash
  • Eject Pie from White Hot Foil tin
  • Pour beans to disguise

    a) Too little water was added to the Instant Mash

    b) Too much water was added to the Instant Mash


Ideal Viewing/Listening With all those has to be the wonderfully restored "Italian Job". With that great line

"Your a big man, but your out of shape"



Fig 4

Bon Appetite. "I like my Birds to smell a bit Mumsy"