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Angus Beef Steak Burgers

Dish WHAT???????   Did you say BEEF STEAK BURGERS ?????
What is It ? Yes we did.....90% Prime Scotch Angus Beef, lovingly ground and shaped into round things. As John Lydon so allegedly and eloquently put "Any animal as stupid as a cow deserves to be eaten". Bemuddlement does not necessarily agree with this point of view...


Where to find it Roaming the hills of the Scottish lowlands...sorry...meat cabinet Sainsbury's
Likelyhood of finding Very good. Many people are put off by the the illogical ticket/queuing system of the delicatessen/cheese/butchers counter, but at 7:30pm on a Monday problem. Simply stroll up to the counter and just ask for "Two of those red round things there" (well its been a long time since Bemuddlement Chefs ordered any meat...we can't tell our Hocks from our Shanks).


Complimentaries Our Bemuddlement Chef went for 
  • Petit Pois with Carrots
  • Sainsbury's Instant Mash
  • Vegetarian Gravy


Fig 1

Your mission, should you except is to transform this into Bemuddlements first carnivore outing. Note judicious use of aluminum foil. Do not be misled by the Smash tin, it does in fact contain Sainsbury's own brand instant mash. A superior Instant potato, but unfortunately served in an inferior cardboard box. Smash tin to the rescue.  

Wine Wine Box..opened...Kumala Cab Sav/Shiraz. 
Preparation Notes Grill Burgers...retreat..turn occasionally... once burgers look done (ish) kettle and gas on to heat Petit Pois and prepare the the Instant Mash plus Gravy.

OK we haven't done this for a while. This is almost proper cooking. The Burgers are better off its bacofoil time to save washing up. Now these burgers take 20 mins to grill, so what do we do in the meantime?......



Fig 2

Ah! Sweet Red Wine... the ideal time gap filler. Note Ernst and Gallo Wine tasting glass. This wine


God knows...we do know that a tin of Petit Pois with Baby Carrots equals 104 calories...but to be honest we are rediscovering eating here so to hell with the calories.

Serving Suggestion Our chef tonight went for a traditional "meat and two Veg layout" although the whole tin of Petit Pois and Carrots may have been a mistake.


Ideal Viewing/Listening In these times of crisis...hope is given by Steve Martin's LA Story

"U Will know what 2 do"
"When U unscramble"
"How Daddy is Doing"


Fig 3

Bon Appetite!!

How do the Bemuddlement Chef's come up with works of genius time and time again?