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BM Estates



BM Estates
Secure Box 117

Car Park Corner (NW)
Flame Thrower Business Estate
Little Vietnam
West Sussex

495,000 4 Bedroom Detached Recycle Bin 


This 4 bedroom detached recycle bin has recently come on the market, at this incredibly attractive price. It's proximity to the local supermarket, could almost lead you to believe that it was an annex of the above mentioned amenity, such is its superb access, for 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, this property is transported to a picturesque 'brown field site' where the interior is fully emptied and redesigned every two weeks. Ideal for a family following a minimalist lifestyle.
Note that this is a listed property and permission must be sought to make any exterior modifications to the "Corporation Blue" of the current scheme.
Heating is provided via natural sources, although a small charge will be levied by the lease holders for every kilogram of paper combusted. The draft proofing of this property has been rated "A" by all previous owners, although surveys have revealed some attention to the damp coursing and a liberal coating of "Rust Eater" may be recommended (hence the knock down price).

A privilege of owning this attractive property is free newspaper and newspaper delivery, although "same day" service cannot be guaranteed, nor can the 'suitability for minors', as some of the material deposited can be of an 'adult nature'.