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BM Estates



BM Estates
Secure Box 117

Upper Bayonet Mew
Mainwaring Junction

195,000 1 Ground Floor Telephone Box


A unique opportunity to purchase a home of real character and originality. This modern, functional, detatched property has superb natural lighting by day (over 70% of the surface area is glazed) and extensive neon lighting by night. Nighttime illumination is provided from both it's internal fluorescent tube and the street lamp opposite. Free telephone connection is contained within the purchase price and as a gesture of goodwill from the lease holders , line rental is described as 'competitive'. WC facilities have been described as "amongst the best in the area" by the patrons of the four nearby public houses, which incidentally are, within easy, 'bladder distance' of this property. 
Operational maintenance costs are low and "The man in the BT van" comes and sanitises the property every other Tuesday.
Situated in a charming, friendly neighbourhood, this superb 1 bedroom apartment must be seen.