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BM Estates



BM Estates
Secure Box 117

Tesco Close
West Cashflow
Home Counties

125,000 1 Bedroom Cardboard Box


This compact, detached, low maintenance Band D accommodation, has just been made available to the home buying public. This is an ideal starter home for a first time buyer, or those looking for a second property. Situated in a highly sought after and picturesque greenbelt location, we don't anticipate it being on the market for long. 
Water, gas and electricity rates are competitively priced, mainly due to the fact there are no such services connect, however a small standing charge paid quarterly is levied.
Local amenities are close to hand and the unique selling point of this property is that it can be moved closer to the amenities of your choice. Lack of double glazing need not be seen as a disadvantage as the lack of any windows ensures heating is quick and efficient. Walls may require some damp coursing, but planning permission for an extension has been sought and granted.