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Mark Tallon
Mark was born in a bedsit dinghy, in a minor Shipping Area (we think Dogger Bank, but this has never been confirmed) late in 1962. An uneventful childhood led to an uneventful career in music journalism. Most notably as the founder of "Thud 2x" the leading rock journal for the financial impaired. Mark has appeared on television many times, with at least 15% of those at the desire of someone else. His monthly reviews in "Mixer Desk" and "24 Track" are said to be unavoidable.

Mark the UK's leading expert on "Tomorrow's World" (Raymond Baxter Era) and Screen Test (Michael Rodd era). Mark is the proud father of two bankruptcies and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog called "Ulf". 


David Knebworth
David was born in a log cabin on the Kensington by-pass in the Winter of 1963. Often cited as a child prodigy, he was accepted into many fine educational ambulances through the length and breadth of the land.

At the age of 14 David joined the editorial staff of "Hanky" and leading music journal "Zero Position". He was credited with inventing the term "Soiled Sketchbop" in his underground expose in 1979 for "Strat Back" magazine.

The 80's were a halcyon period for him and he was rarely off our screens. The now disproved "Bouyance" scandal saw an end to that until the emergence in 1992 of the Denver Gunge scene, which restored his credability as  leading professional air traveller.  David is welcomed here at the Bemuddlement review.

David is a keen amateur Biologist and has two wheelie bins (green).