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U2 : The Joshua Tree (1987)


Review : "My god is he still alive?" many people ask in disbelief of U2's front man Borio McGowoff. Many of us remember how astonished we were at the sheer quantity of Tizer this man could consume and remain remarkably eloquent, on this 1987 landmark release. His teeth may now be reduced to small sticky orange stumps, but the mind is still intact and I don't think a more poetic verse than "Are you Coming or Going?" has ever been written (although my favourite is Easter Hit "Ghost Story of New Malden" with Davina McColl). Knifedge is his usual demon self and its not hard to hear why he was voted "Drinker of the Year" six years running by "Heath and Efficiency" readers. Solid rhythm once more from Gifford and Tillbrook who used this album to recover from the break up of "The Attractions". Produced by Daniel O'Donnel..this is Welsh rock at its best.
Listen out for a young "Zoe Ball" playing Mandolin on "Maggie Did".
Standout Tracks : 4:02 into "Shotgun San Salvador" Borie drops his guard.
Standout Moments : "Cahtar Mass", "Falling Over, Whilst Standing Up" and "Unforgettable Tyre"
Try This : "Transporter" - Lou Feeder, "Hatrick Hero, Black Hurst" - Sin Lizzy, "Look what the Lizzard Propped up" - Glam Bruder
Rating : ****

Mark Tallon

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