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U2 : Achtung Baby (1990)


Review : How do a band follow up "Through the Barricades", that was the task that Bonio and the lads had when they embarked on this Germanic Jaunt and created the new U2 90's sound. Often critised for their over-use of maracas in their previous releases, we find The "David Evans" Edge here in robust mood..carving skyward spiralling riffs, that rise and saw like an Buzzard awaiting to attack its dying prey. Adam Claypole (no relation to 70's comedy Renta-ghost hero Mr Claypole) is in comatose mood, as is Larry Muller, whose Austrian half sister was the inspiration to travel to West Moscow and record this opus.
A lack of Canadian input is the only fault and prevents a full five star review.

Standout Moment: 

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Standout Tracks : "I Love Dali", "Rio" and "When I'm Cleaning Trebant"
Standout Moments : 1:47 into "Warsaw Honey" Bonio opens a packet of Salt and Vinegar Crisps
Try This : "Slipknot....a Tribute" - Joni Lee Mitchell and "Belfast We Love You" - Simpler Minds
Rating : ****

Mark Tallon

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