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Travis - Th Invisble DJ  (2002)


Review : It's been a while - probably a decade or more - since the Hairy Cornflake was in the studio but boy was it a worthwhile wait, if only for the peace. Yup, Travis has released a corker. Or uncorked a well timed release. This remarkable "studio only" band have gone from Radio Caroline to Sweet Caroline in a 12-bar pub crawl tour de force of musical supremacy. The front man D L Franky Travis produces lyrics of exceptional bemusement. Only when he sang "windy flowers, bending in the breeze, what's that up the tree, Captain King Kong or coordinated bees?" was I at a total loss to fathom the true meaning of this CD. Musically it shouts Talking Heads, but hey, you may find yourself without a CD player?! Don't worry they've thought of this and carefully packaged it in vinyl too for the older generation. Probably rightly so since this is the target market. However one attains Nirvana after the zen like performance of "sin, sin, sin". A tribute to the horned one, possibly, but none the !

less, he does have the best musicians and these lads are in his very-hot pocket. Mixed by MC Ujimny it rocks. Didn't like the last track, but as a filler for this VFM 70 min production WTF.



Standout Tracks : Sin Sin Sin - Could be covered by Iron Maiden one day. We hope.
Standout Moments : About 2mins before Glowworm started I heard this track on MedTrax FM which rokked!! Anyone care to inform me? T'was about 3:40 last Monday?
Standout Lyric : Sin Sin Sin - words into action, yummy
Try This : Record library - Easy listening section, anything will do.
Rating : 2* - buy it if only for the neat precision cast jewel case. A Porky pressing no less. However the money would be better spent on a Genesis (abacab) tour shirt.

David Knebworth

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