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Steely Dan - A Decade of (1986)


Review : There was a time when we thought Steely Dan would never play together again, such was the fallout between Walter Fagin and Ronald McBecker over the now famous rowing boat incident. A whole plethora of compilations and collections were released, this must be in the top fifty of those. They were always hampered by the tag "America's answer to The Monkees" and struggled, almost consciously, to deviate from that influence.
Taking their name from a Dulux paint catalogue, Summer '72, in the section "Monochrome Montoose" there under ref# 177C was "Steely Dan"...Walter writes
" was a rainy Tuesday afternoon and I was redecorating the bathroom, we had this paint catalogue lying you have those in England? Anyway Skip Faxton, the session guitarist, was already trying some improv jazz based on some very odd augmented chords inspired from a Mecanno #6 set and then I saw it.....Pinky Blue....but it turned out that 80's pop supremo's Altered Images had already reserved that (despite not using it for another 10 years) so we settled for Steely Dan..."

But we digress...all the popular hits are here "AM (Radio Edit)", "Black Washday", "F#maj7 (add B)" and of course air guitar favourite "Feeling Amongst the Spears"
Standout Tracks : "Not Bad Nike, Nikki", "Montreal Brothers" and "Simon! Simon!"
Standout Moments : 3:11 into "St Paul Caribou" you can hear guitarists being sacked
Standout Lyric : "That's my Jaloytta, Its got rice"
Try This : "Bagdad or Nowhere" - Skip Faxton, "Tantrix, Tantrics" - Xu Shou Smith, "Night Bus" - Walter Fagin, "Airholes in my Swish Shoes" - Ronald McBecker
Rating : ****7/8

Mark Tallon

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